Suzanne Slade

The search for one’s self during the challenging teen years can be even more difficult for the adopted teen. Many adopted teens have unanswered questions that may result in fear, anger, and low self-esteem. These feelings may be compounded by the isolation they feel because most friends and family members cannot fully relate to their situation. Adopted: The Ultimate Teen Guide enables young adults to explore their feelings as they read the personal experiences of other adopted teens.

Through these stories, adopted teens can learn how others have resolved some of their adoption issues and gain powerful insights from those who have experienced some of their same frustrations, struggles, and concerns. Experienced adoption professionals share practical ideas and strategies for teens as they answer their questions in the “Teens Ask” sections of the book.

Adoption experts, such as Hollee McGinnis (Policy & Operations Director for the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute), Judy Stigger (Director of International Adoptions at The Cradle), Kathleen Morrison (member of the board of trustees of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys), Katrina Carlisle (adoption counselor and search specialist at St. Elizabeth Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services), and others, provide valuable answers to teen questions. Replete with stories, pictures, and artwork by adopted teens, this up-to-date source will benefit teens as they move forward on their adoption journey.